The Puritan Vision

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About the Journal

The Puritan Vision is a publication focusing on recovering the historical and theological foundations of Biblical Christian thought, worship, and practice. Our mission is to be a voice of reformation and revival by expounding historic, Biblical Christianity. We believe the Christian faith speaks to every aspect of life, from worship, to family culture, to business, to politics, to everything else.

Our content is centered upon exegesis, theology, and church history, with the goal of illuminating how to apply the testimony of scripture and the exemplary acts of our spiritual forefathers to the issues facing the church and our nation today. We believe, briefly, that this entails:

1) A presuppositional, and therefore Kuyperian, approach to engaging the people and nations of the world. It is God alone, and not the vain philosophy of man, who defines logic, reason, and morality, and by extension the proper duties and limits of conscience, family, the church, and civil government.

2) An optimistic or postmillenial eschatology, which believes that Christ will reign in Heaven until He has accomplished a great regeneration and renewal of all things through His church, by putting every enemy underneath His feet until eventually death itself is defeated, marking the end of the present age.

3) A theonomic ethic, which seeks to rightly apply the precepts of God’s law-word to every need of moral and judicial adjudication in every sphere of life, including conscience, family, church, and government.

4) A robust sexual ethic which expresses the creative distinctions between men and women which have been formed according to the good pleasure of God, as well as the revelatory nature of God’s covenant of marriage which binds one man and one woman together inseperably until death as an expression of Christ and the church. Christian marriage is the bedrock of society.

5) And of course, a Reformed or Calvinistic understanding of God as the transcendant and immanent maker and sustainer of all things, who has written the beginning from the end. We specifically emphasize God’s role in bringing all things to pass according to His good pleasure, including the salvation of depraved and stubborn souls who by nature hate God, and the renewal of their corrupt nations.